Table Rock Lake Reports

Table Rock report  Dam area September 8th 

The Dam area is in great shape and the watercolor is awesome. The lake surface temp is in the low 80s. 
The baitfish are in there early stage of migration to the big creeks. The bass are following these pods of baitfish around the main lake channels and feeding on them even during the middle of the day. I’m keeping a swimbait rod handy to cast at them while I’m using a drop shot on the long points in 25-35 ft of water. Also the very very early morning hours you can make a few runs down a ledgy bank with a fast-moving topwater bait but that ends as the sun gets higher.

September 9th Shell Knob Area

Point 21 area
Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend! WOW...It certainly was busy out on the lake!!
The lake level is currently at 915.65 and the surface temperature is 82.1 degrees. On the dock this morning the clarity is approximately 8 feet of visibility.
With the lake level where it is, some of the long gravel and rock points, as well as submerged islands are becoming dangerous for boaters. Working for TowboatUS, on Saturday evening, Captain Andrew and I had taken two of our vessels up the James and recover a large Cobalt that had run aground on a rock shoal. It was unmarked and was really not the fault of the owner. It is a good idea to swing wide of all shallow points with the lake level where it currently is.
Mike's fishing report is spot on with our conditions on this end. Good topwater bite early but the intense sunshine pushes them down as the sun gets up in the sky.
Things have slowed way down since Monday and the lake is in great shape for all types of recreation. Have fun and be safe!