Water Skiing On Table Rock Lake

Water Skiing on Table Rock Lake

Slalom Skiing
Do you like water skiing? Have you ever considered water skiing through a slalom course like the pros? If so, then graduating to a ski course will be a thrill. Assuming you are familiar with skiing on a single ski in an open body of water, the primary difference in skiing through a ski course is that your turns are dictated by pre-set buoys in the water.

When skiing on an open body of water like a large lake, skiers will typically ski back and forth across the wakes from side to side, turning when they are comfortable. A ski course, however, contains buoys which the skier must ski around – three on each side of the wake, alternating from side to side. While the boat drives down the center of the course between the lines of buoys, the skier must aggressively ski around all six buoys through a pattern of quick acceleration, deceleration, and turns. See our interactive map for course locations.

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Table Rock Lake Water Skiing

Water Skiing On Table Rock Lake